Exclusive Credentialing Assistance for Washington Providers

To learn more about ProviderSource™ and Washington State Senate Bill 5346, please visit OneHealthPort here

Focus on Your Patients, Not on Your Paperwork

The ProviderSource™ application portal is open to all State of Washington licensed healthcare providers as a result of the Washington State Senate Bill 5346 and allows you to easily create and maintain a fully-compliant, free online credentialing application that you can use for every Washington healthcare organization. Additionally, ProviderSource™ lets you:

  • Save time through a tailored application that hides questions that don’t apply to you.
  • Catch errors immediately with automated verification of information before you attest.
  • Work at your own pace and complete your online application whenever works best for you!
  • Use a secure e-signature to complete your application online and avoid paper documents.
  • Receive automated application reminders to re-attest and keep your application up-to-date.
  • Upload and organize professional documents through your virtual file cabinet.

New Service:

We understand that even with all of these features, you may just be too busy to learn a new credentialing system. For this reason, Medversant is now offering Credentialing Assistance Services including document scanning, indexing and uploading, and application review to assist in completion and accuracy for as little as $15 per provider.

Just choose from these exciting Credentialing Assistance Services:

Services Cost
Application Data Entry: Fax us your paper credentialing application and we'll enter all of your information and alert you when it's complete and ready for you to log in and attest! $30 per application, per provider
Document Scan, Index & Upload: Don't have a scanner? Fax us your supporting documents (e.g., license copies, liability face sheets, etc.) and we'll scan and upload them to your account in minutes! $15 per request, per provider
Application Review: Make sure you submit a complete application by letting one of our specialists personally review your application and notify you if anything is missing or inaccurate. Once everything is complete, we'll email you to confirm that it's time to attest! $15 per application, per provider

Download Order Form:

To order your Credentialing Assistance Services today, just complete the One-Time Credit Card Payment Authorization Form and follow the instructions to fax or email the form back for immediate service!

Your OneHealth Port Account must be activated for credentialing prior to using these services.

Questions? Please contact us at tickets@providersource.uservoice.com for further details about the exciting new Credentialing Assistance Services!